Lunch menu 12,50€

Starter + Plat du jour
Plat du jour + Dessert

Lunch menu 13,50€

Starter + Pièce du Boucher
Pièce du Boucher + Dessert

Children’s menu

1 sirop à l’eau
Minced beef with chips or Fish & Chips or Ham & fries
Ice cream

Menu starters

  • Eggs mimosa
  • sliced hard boiled eggs

  • Serrano ham
  • Scottish smoked salmon on toast

Menu desserts

  • Chocolat mousse
  • served w/Chantilly cream

  • Crème brûlée
  • french custard dessert topped w/ caramelized sugar

  • Cottage cheese
  • Cheese platter
  • selection of french cheese


  • Eggs mimosa style5.00€
  • Plate of matured prosciutto5.00€
  • 24 months

  • Scotland smoked salmon on toast5.00€
  • Ravioles du Royan7.50€
  • « ravioles du Royan » served w/parmesan cheese and chives sauce

  • garlic grilled calamari8.00€
  • king prawn fritters, tartar sauce8.00€
  • sauce tartare

  • 6x Bourgogne snails7.00€
  • 12x Bourgogne snails11.00€
Tuscan steack tartare
– Tuscan steack tartare –
Chicken wok
– Chicken wok –


  • Black mussels12.00€
  • served w/homemade french fries

  • sirloin steak and shallot sauce13.00€
  • served w/homemade french fries

  • Fish & Chips14.00€
  • cod fish & chips served w/tartar sauce

  • Andouillette AAAAA15.00€
  • andouille sauvage served w/wholegrain mustard sauce and baby potatoes

  • Entrecôte grillée19.00€
  • grilles rit steak 300g and homemade french fries

  • Duck breast19.00€
  • served w/green pepper sauce and baby potatoes

  • Pork ribs16.00€
  • served w/caramelized with bbq sauce and honey, homemade french fries

  • Fried noodles with crunchy vegetables and chicken13.00€
  • Fried noodles with crunchy vegetables and gambas17.00€
  • Lamp chops18.00€
  • served w/garlic and parsley, rocket, homemade french fries

  • Meunière-style sole23.00€
  • served w/homemade mashed potatoes

* All our beef is from the Limousin, a French region famous for producing beef above competition in tenderness and juiciness without all the fat usually found in other choice beef.

Fish & chips de cabillaud avec sauce tartare
– Fish & Chips –
Brioche façon pain perdu et glace caramel au beurre salé
– Brioche façon pain perdu –


  • Chocolate mousse5.00€
  • Burn cream5.00€
  • Cottage cheese with red berry coulis5.00€
  • Brioche french toast7.00€
  • served with/caramel salted nutter ice-cream and custard

  • Cheesecake with red berry coulis7.00€
  • Apple and pear crumble7.00€
  • served with/vanilla ice-cream

  • Cannelés profiteroles8.00€
  • Selection of mini desserts with coffee7.50€
  • Selection of mini desserts with tea or hot chocolate8.50€
  • Selection of mini desserts with Irish ou french coffee gourmand13.50€
  • Plate of sheep cheese and black cherry jam5.00€

– Café Gourmand –

All our dishes are homemade and cooked with fresh products. 
 Our meets are from France or the European union
Prices are net, local tax and service included.